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Guild News
HoTK News
Guild Motto: "Stay together, work together, leave no one behind."

Our Core Beliefs: 

  1. We appreciate the classes. We value and make time for each class to do their work. We demonstrate patience by not charging off.
  2. We have the patience to wait for everyone to enter the quest before starting. We allow 1 minute at the end to clap/cheer/dance/thank or update friends list.
  3. We communicate. We announce when we are afk, shrining, or lost so the group is aware. We review the motto in every quest.
  4. We stay together. We seek to have zero deaths by completing each area as a group, unless prohibitive to do so by design.
  5. We work together. We value teamwork in all things. We seek to build competence in each other. We help others pursue their bliss.
  6. We leave no one behind. We seek to raise/restore the dead/injured asap, even when difficult to do so.
  7. We share. We provide knowledge/guidance freely. We help each other become very rich, but never expect handouts.
  8. We believe in inclusion. We seek first to understand each member's unique way they enjoy the game best. We avoid cliques.
  9. We are critical thinkers. We believe there are many ways to achieve quest success, and value player suggestions more than textbook procedures.
  10. We are respectful. We do not discriminate age, sex, race, religion/beliefs, nor gaming experience. We use relatively respectful language.
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